Ministry beginnings …

My parents went into full-time ministry when I was about seven years old. I grew up in an ‘old fashioned’ pentecostal church and saw people living out their faith fully, half-heartedly or just ‘nominally’. Of course. Because that’s the way people live out their faith, isn’t it? I was fortunate to have parents who believed that God is Who He says He is, and He can do what He says He can do. They left home, family and security to give of themselves unstintingly. There wasn’t any hypocrisy – they were real.

Us at CFNI in 1981, with our first two children, David and Michael.

However! We were extremely wealthy spiritually, but it was materially and emotionally tough. I resolved I would never marry a minister when I grew up. And I didn’t. I married a Chemical Engineer who had graduated with his B. Chem Eng with honours. He had a secure job with De Beers (Diamond Research Laboratories) and a bright future. So when he started talking about Bible School, I put the brakes on. As hard as I could – gently. But Peter continued to long to ground his new faith in Christ at Bible School and I have to be honest. I fear God. I thought it was quite possible He could take me out of the picture if I continued to resist what He wanted for my husband. For us. So I gave in. Caved in.

We went to Christ for the Nations Bible School in Dallas, Texas, in 1981. After two years, we returned to newly independent Zimbabwe, full of excitement and zeal. A part of me was still resigned and reluctant – and I have to be honest, disgusted as I am with myself – self-pitying. But mostly I was excited and willing to do whatever God put into my hands. And that’s where full-time ministry began for me. For us.

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