Vivian Jenkins

Author, Educator, Ministry Worker & Cat Breeder

I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to visit! You'll find information about my books, and updates on what I am doing - as author, educator, in ministry and with my favourite 'hobby' - my cats! You can also visit with Peter - click on About us to find his posts. I keep friends and family updated with Aunty Peggy's news under About Us too!


Co-author of the Sunrise Readers; author of the StepUp Readers, an RE textbook and two books for adults:  In the Hollow of His Hand and Let the Walls Come Down.

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Vivian is a qualified  junior school teacher, with a B.A. degree in English and Education, and a Cambridge University Certificate in teaching English to adult learners. She has years of experience in teaching and in teacher training. Read more


Since 1983, Peter and Vivian Jenkins have had the privilege of working with Christian Leaders in Zimbabwe, Zambia and DRC. They've also been involved in Education since 1982.

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Vivian & cats

More a passion and hobby than anything else, Vivian began breeding Persian Chinchilla (Original Longhair) cats with her two stunning queens in 2017.

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From my Blog:

Missions in Zululand in the 1890s- 1930s

November 29, 2021

My Great-Grandfather in Zululand – The Rev Dr Frederick Wilfrid Walters Rev. Frederick Wilfrid Walters studied and qualified as a medical doctor during his curacies in All Hallowes, Southwark, St Luke’s, Camberwell and St Philips in Sydenham (1887 – 1892). He sailed to Zululand on 10 December 1892 on the SS Scot. He was accompanied by his wife, Helen Millicent (Mansfield) Walters, their two little boys, Edward and Herbert Aiden, and his sister, Flo Walters. He started work in Zululand as Principal and Medical Missionary at the Zulu Theological College in Isandhlwana. Fairly soon afterwards, the Government wished to appoint a medical officer in Zululand, and the Bishop asked FWW to take up the position in Nongoma. In his own words, writing on March 8th 1894 to The Net Cast in Many Waters (the Missionary Magazine for the Church of England): Bishop has asked me to go to Ndwandwe, where…

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Are you longing to feel the wind in your sails?

September 25, 2021

I’ve been watching some yachts tacking around the bay in front of our house. For quite some time it seemed as if they were going no where. Their sails were drooping forlornly around their masts. They were trying to circle a buoy and return to Simon’s Town harbour, but instead they were listing drunkenly to one side and they certainly appeared to be “in the doldrums”. I knew they were desperately trying to position themselves to catch the wind. It must have been so frustrating – and exhausting – straining at the ropes with all their might. And going no-where. Then, suddenly, one of them got it right – a sail billowed out like a sheet in the wind, and the yacht began to move forward … I could almost feel the sailors’ relief as they moved sweetly into position and started to glide smoothly away from their struggling friends.…

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Introduction to the Bible

September 7, 2021

Peter Jenkins God has a plan … This is an overview of how God had a plan in the beginning to use people, made in His image, to fulfil His purposes on the earth. Central to His plan was the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The outworking of this plan has happened, and is happening, over thousands of years, and each of us has a part to play in that plan.

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Where to buy the Sunrise Readers!

September 4, 2021

The Sunrise Readers are now available in South Africa! Whilst the Sunrise Readers have been the established reading scheme of choice in government and private schools in Zimbabwe for the past 35 years, we are delighted that over the past two years, schools in Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique have started to introduce the #SunriseReaders to their learners. Where to buy the Sunrise Readers in Zimbabwe SchoolBooks4Africa Cell: +263 787 975 804 Cell: +263 8677 189 607 Block E, Emerald Office Park 30 The Chase Emerald Hill Harare Where to buy the Sunrise Readers in Zambia Mabvuto Zulu Cell: +260 97 793 7314 Where to buy the Sunrise Readers in South Africa Please contact us at or WhatsApp: +27 63 231 4561 Currently we use POSTNET or PAXI (Pep Store to Pep Store) as couriers for individual orders. We are based in the beautiful Mother City –…

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