Midlands Christian Group of Schools Campus 2020

Enjoy this gallery of photographs taken by Mrs C. Deysel; grateful thanks.

Midlands Christian Group of Schools Crests

MCGS Campus. 153 acres in all.

Aerial view of the campus. Harare Road on the right.
Campus boundaries
View from the bend in the road going around MCTC, MCS to MCC.
MCGS Boarding Residences

Midlands Christian College 2020

MCS/MCC Front Office – Reception
MCC Office staff parking
View to Main Gate from inside Campus.
MCC Parking for Staff and Students
MCC Upper Quad – Looking from Rooms 4 & 5.
MCC Upper Quad – Looking at the Science Labs.
MCC Lower Quad – Looking towards the Stewards Common Room, Room 19 & 20.
MCC Upper Quad from Room 4 (F & T) looking to Room 1.
MCC Lower Quad – Looking across to Room 9
MCC Pathway from Room 1 towards the Hall.
MCC Upper Quad – Room 5 looking to the Computer Labs
MCC Car Park – View Towards the Library/Front Office
Hall Round-About on Main School Road through Campus

Midlands Christian School 2020

MCS Quad Views – Looking at Grade 2 Classrooms
MCS Remedial Block
MCS Corridor From Grade2 Classrooms towards Grade 1 Classrooms
MCS Remedial Block
MCS Pathway – Towards Grade 1 Classrooms
MCS – Across the Quad View
MCS – Pathway Past MCS Tuckshop towards Sports Office
MCS Corridor Grade 6 – Grade 7 Classrooms
MCS Quad Views – the Fish Pond!

MCTC – Currently in use by Treasure Trove (PreSchool)

Entrance to Treasure Trove from MCS
Treasure Trove Playground
Treasure Trove Stilt House
Path to MCTC Principals Office and Tutorial Buildings

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