Vivian Jenkins

Author, Educator, Ministry Worker & Cat Breeder

I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to visit! You'll find information about my books, and updates on what I am doing - as author, educator, in ministry and with my favourite 'hobby' - my cats! You can also visit with Peter - click on About us to find his posts. I keep friends and family updated with Aunty Peggy's news under About Us too!


Co-author of the Sunrise Readers; author of the StepUp Readers, an RE textbook and two books for adults:  In the Hollow of His Hand and Let the Walls Come Down.

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Vivian is a qualified  junior school teacher, with a B.A. degree in English and Education, and a Cambridge University Certificate in teaching English to adult learners. She has years of experience in teaching and in teacher training. Read more


Since 1983, Peter and Vivian Jenkins have had the privilege of working with Christian Leaders in Zimbabwe, Zambia and DRC. They've also been involved in Education since 1982.

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Vivian & cats

More a passion and hobby than anything else, Vivian began breeding Persian Chinchilla (Original Longhair) cats with her two stunning queens in 2017.

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From my Blog:

Raising kittens

November 12, 2020

Once all of the babies are born, and Mom and babies are doing well, the important thing is to make sure the babies latch. If the litter is large, there will be some jostling for position and smaller, weaker babies may struggle to feed and keep feeding. With her fourth litter, and two big babies (94g and 103g is HUGE for a Persian Chinchilla/ Original Longhair queen!) – there was no problem with ‘latching’. These two little ones got right on with it. Instinct is amazing. New babies have an instinct to suck. A new mommy may need to be stroked gently and encouraged to spread herself out, making the nipples available, but, if left to herself, she will probably get it right. An experienced mommy knows how to position herself to make her nipples available. Gently brush the kitten’s cheek against a nipple until the baby latches. Exhausted mommies…

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Persian Chinchilla delivery day details!

September 22, 2020

Lady Arwen Evenstar’s due date (63 – 65 days’ pregnancy) was between 17 – 19 September 2020. Of course, one can never be certain when conception has taken place during the mating period. However, I tend to be wakeful a few nights before the first due date. So when Day 66 – 67 arrived, I was quite exhausted already! (What do I do? I get up a few times at night when I hear my queen scrabbling in her ‘nest’, just to see what’s going on.) On Sunday 20th (Day 66), Arwen slept quite a bit, choosing her favourite spot on a sunny Spring day – one of the garden chairs on our patio. In between, she moved quite friskily, alert and interested, and even a little playful. Out in the kitchen herb garden, back on the patio, up the stairs. In the evening, around 9 pm, she went upstairs…

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Pregnancy Diary – Lady Arwen Evenstar

September 18, 2020

Lady Arwen Evenstar will be four years old on the 15th December 2020. She had her first litter on 22nd January 2017. Her second litter was born on 22 November 2018, and her third litter was born on 25 September 2019. Now, nearly exactly a year later, her fourth litter is due. I took her to her gentle, good-natured handsome, many-times show champion stud – Cherie-Finesse Dreamer of Cherie-Zelle – on 16 July, after the winter dormancy period. Lady Arwen had had her annual inoculations and de-worming in advance, on 18 May. She was in good condition and ready for her next pregnancy. A feline pregnancy is usually 63 – 65 days in duration, so I calculated Lady Arwen’s first due date to be 17th September. I started feeding her on Royal Canin baby mousse with a little water added, just as she likes it – morning and evening, as…

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Resources for Sunrise Readers Book 1 Friends

August 1, 2020

Please click on the link below to find these free downloadable resources:

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